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Party Bus LImo

When it comes to group parties and events, nothing makes a more memorable experience or a better impression than a party bus limo. These are buses designed to hold between 22 and 50 passengers but that still feature all the appeals of luxury automobiles.

Our party bus limos have gained a reputation because of providing the best services in the Ajax area. This is because they are equipped with certain provisions that set them way ahead of other service providers in the industry.

The first provision that we make available for our esteemed customers is a fully furnished interior with state of the art features and decorations. The lighting options include strobe lights, laser lights and fiber optics whose effects are greatly enhanced by the color work done, the marble floor and chrome ceiling.

The sound system is superb, there is sufficient dance space and a modern air-con system, all of which details make it possible for the party to begin right here. The party bus limo also has additional features like dancing poles, privacy blinds and oversize coolers for the bars. It also has high quality leather seating made in a sofa design for optimum comfort and LCD TV screens so as to ensure that everyone is fully entertained on the journey.

A major factor that we consider with our party bus limo services is the safety of our charges. We would like to ensure that there is no compromise whatsoever on this essential aspect and as such we take a number of measures to this end.

The vehicles on our party bus fleet are taken through rigorous maintenance procedures to ensure that they operate at optimal levels at all times. Although the fleet comprises new bus models, we ensure that they are serviced before and after every trip because we strictly believe in the ‘better safe than sorry’ philosophy.

The chauffeurs that are placed in charge of vehicle operations are also fully qualified, are assessed before performance to ensure that they are alcohol and drug-free. The vehicles are insured according to the local regulations and their drivers are properly trained and licensed.

There are different pricing packages that are offered as options for our customers. These have been designed according to the general parameters that are required by most customers but there is the option of getting a custom package that fits perfectly with your wishes. Although the prices of various packages differ to accommodate the budgets of our diverse customer base, we have made a reputation for offering very convenient price schedules regardless of the stipulated requirements.

Our party bus limo services are made to provide our customers with ultimate comfort as well as to deliver on every aspect of their unique demands. Talk to us today and let us handle your party transport needs the best way possible.